Jerusalem Full Day Tour

  • $350 USD (entry fees not included)
  • 7.5 hr private guided walking tour
  • 9am-4:30pm 
  • Up to 6 people in group  
  • No commission based stores, sites, or restaurants
  • Lunch: sandwich on the way or sit down meal 
We can visit: Tower of David Museum; Church of Holy Sepulcher; City of David
Can visit sites based on "Hidden Gems of Jerusalem" article that I helped make 

Jerusalem Half Day Tour

  • $250 USD (entry fees not included)
  • 4 hr private guided walking tour
  • 9am-1pm 
  • Up to 6 people in group
  • No commission based stores, sites or restaurants on commission 
  • ​Visit the same sites as full day tour, only less sites or shortened visits

Dead Sea Full Day Tour

  • $750 USD (entry fees not included)
  • All Transportation fees included 
  • 12 hours, 7am-7pm 
  • Leave & Return to Jerusalem same day
  • Up to 6 people in group  
  • I'm your guide and driver
  • Van: 6 seats 
  • Sites we visit: Masada; Dead Sea Beaches; Qumran; Camel Ride

Jerusalem & Dead Sea Two Day Tour

  • $1000 USD (entry fees not included)
  • Jerusalem- 7.5 hr private guided walking tour, 9am-4:30pm (same as Jerusalem Day Tour above)
  • Dead Sea - 12 hr private guided tour, 7am-7pm, all transportation fees included, 6 seater van (same as Dead Sea Day Tour)
  • Up to 6 people in group  
  • No commission based stores, sites, or restaurants
  • Lunch: sandwich/snack at one of the sites we visit or a sit down meal at a restaurant


1. Where do we meet?  

 In Jerusalem at Jaffa Gate, unless we discuss otherwise.​  For the Dead Sea I'm happy to pick you up from wherever you are staying in Jerusalem.

2. What are our lunch options? 

Some of the options for a main dish are shwarma (Middle eastern style cooked chicken) in a pita mixed in with salad vegetables and various kinds of sauces; falafel chickpeas processed and fried into little ball shapes; or classic American style hamburger. At lunchtime, I can recommend a few places, or you can go exploring on your own.

Lunch is usually about $15 per person. This includes a main dish, a side and a drink.

3. Do you guide families with young kids?

As a father of 3 kids myself, I like going on family trips, however, my tours are designed mainly for adults. Kids ages 8 and older that have a good attention span might enjoy these tours. While there are 3-D movies and some hiking, these are not amusement park attractions. Due to the large amount of walking, these tours are not recommended for children in strollers or under the age of 8. An all ages family tour is in the works but is not being offered yet.

4. What about those with mobility impairments?

While this tour accommodates those with mobility impairments, some sections are not wheelchair accessible. For touring sites that are not wheelchair accessible, there are alternatives. Please let me know in advance so that we can customize this tour to accommodate your specific needs.  For the Dead Sea Day tours, unfortunately, I do no have access to a wheelchair accessible vehicle.  

5. Do you use a car?


While I do have a special commercial drivers license (in addition to the tour guiding license) to do so, I do not recommend using a vehicle in Jerusalem for a few reasons:
There are only a few roads for cars in the Old City of Jerusalem, and this makes walking much easier to get around to the old city’s sites. Also the Old City’s area is about a square kilometer (appx. 1/2 mile), and  of the sites are concentrated in this one area, making all of the sites within walking distance.  If we are outside the Old City or even if we are trying to get from one end to the other, taxis, light rail or buses what I think are the preferred mode of transportation.  This is because Jerusalem is a highly traffic congested city and finding parking  and hitting a traffic can take a very long time.    

Dead Sea 

Yes, I provide round trip transportation to the Dead Sea from Jerusalem.  The vehicle that I usually use is a 2017 Ssang Yong Rodius.  The interior is quite spacious and similar to a high end mini-van.  

6. What is a Private Tour?

A private tour is one where you and your group (up to 6 people in all) are the only ones on the tour. This is in contrast to a group tour, where anyone can buy a ticket and join. With a private tour, the pace is set by you and only your needs are taken into consideration, not the needs of those who bought a ticket to join the group.

7. Do you have a Tour Guiding License? What is a Tour Guiding License? 

Yes, I have a tour guiding license issued to me by the State of Israel’s Ministry of Tourism.  Israel is one of a few countries that have a rigorous licensing procedure, a 2 year course covering many different aspects of Israel. This includes Israel’s history from the lithic time period (500,000 years ago) to today, major religions, and its geographical regions. Upon completing this course both written and oral tests are administered. One can not get a license if they fail either one of these tests.

8. Are you insured?

Yes. Additionally, the entrance fees to the sites we visit give an added level of insurance.

9. Whats your cancellation policy?

I ask for ​a deposit in order to lock in the dates with me.  $50 deposit for Jerusalem Day tours and $250 for Dead Sea Day Tours and the 2 day Tour.  Cancelling 2 weeks (14 days) or less to the date of the tour and the deposit is not refundable.  Payment can be made though Paypal or PayPal Credit Card processing and I send a payment request to finalize booking tour dates.  

10. What happens if we're late?

Nothing,  we just may not get to visit all the sites on the itinerary. 

11. Do you accept credit cards?

I use PayPal and PayPal Credit Card processing along with cash payment as my payment methods.  If you'd like to make payment in full via credit card I ask for payment in full up to 2 weeks prior to the tour date.